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The Exchange Advantage™

ONLINE's proprietary Utility Exchange creates a safety net that prevents customers from moving between service areas without paying you and your industry peers and helps you recover past-dues by capturing and updating debtor contact information in real time.

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Customer Testimonials

"ONLINE decreased our bad-debt write-offs!!" - Billy Bobby Jack

Easy-to-use Compliance Tools

ONLINE is committed to providing our clients with the best applicant-screening and compliance tools available. Take the guesswork out of Red Flag compliance today with ONLINE. As an ONLINE Utility Exchange customer, you'll have access to:

  • Easy-to-read reports complete with visual warnings whenever a Red Flag is detected.
  • Instant ID verification.
  • Ongoing training based on your policies.
  • Policy and procedure writing based on your specific needs.
  • Cost-effective batch screening for your existing accounts.

If you are dissatisfied with your current Red Flag solution or would like to learn more about this service, please contact us. Our compliance specialists are available to answer any questions you may have.

ONLINE Takes the Guesswork out of Compliance

ONLINE makes it easy for your CSRs to recognize possible Red Flags. Our easy-to-read reports include visual warnings whenever a Red Flag is detected, helping your organization comply with this important regulation.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Instant Identity Verification

To comply with the Red Flag Rules, you must capture accurate data at the point of application. The ONLINE Utility Exchange features powerful ID Verification capabilities that automatically determine if the SSN and name provided by the applicant match.

Prevent application fraud and detect Red Flags! With the ONLINE Utility Exchange, your organization can verify that each applicant has provided you with accurate information, saving you money.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Our Commitment to Your Success

When you partner with ONLINE, you will have access to industry-leading training programs. ONLINE's compliance specialist are available to help you at all stages of your Red Flag Rules program development, including initial and refresher training for your CSRs.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Let Our Experts Help Craft Your Policies

ONLINE has consulted utilities across the nation on Red Flag Rule implementation. If you would like for us to review your policies and procedures and make recommendations based on our experience, please let us know. We'll be happy to help you revise or craft new policies and procedures to ensure your organization is in full compliance.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Cost-effective Solutions for Existing Accounts

Some utilities have determined that they also need to screen their existing accounts for Red Flags. To help our clients comply, ONLINE offers a cost-effective batch screening service. Simply submit your existing accounts via our secure website, and we'll return your results in 48 hours, all for a competitive price.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

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