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Tue, 01 May 2012 JW Blair, ONLINE Information Services President, - 

PO Box 1489
Winterville, NC 28590
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JW Blair, ONLINE Information Services President, Elected President of North Carolina Collectors Association

Winterville, NC – 05/01/12 – ONLINE Information Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that ONLINE President JW Blair was sworn in as President of the North Carolina Collectors Association in April.† Mr. Blair, along with his fellow board members, will serve as a collective voice on legislative and regulatory issues for the Association, provide educational opportunities and services, and facilitate communications among and between the Associationís members and its parent organization, ACA International.
Mr. Blair has been actively involved with the Association for years, most recently serving as Vice President before succeeding Terry Taylor as President.† In his new role, Mr. Blair will preside at all NCCA meetings, serve as National Director and Chair of the Board of Directors, sign all official documents as needed by the Secretary/Treasurer, appoint all committees, and supervise the affairs of the Association during his two year term.
About ONLINE Information Services:
Established in 1956 as a credit bureau and collections agency, ONLINE Information Services, Inc. is currently the nationís leading developer of risk-management and debt-recovery solutions for the Utility, Property Management, Healthcare, and Mortgage industries.† For more information, visit www.ONLINEis.com or contact:
ONLINE Information Services
(866) 630-6400
[email protected]
About the North Carolina Collectors Association (NCCA):
As an affiliated state association of ACA International, the NCCA serves as a collective voice of the members on legislative and regulatory issues.† The association provides educational opportunities and services, facilitates member communications, and assists members in meeting the challenges created by changing markets through leadership, direction, education, and service.† For more information, visit http://units.acainternational.org/nc or contact:
North Carolina Collectors Association (NCCA)
Jane Lumsden
(919) 479-5342
[email protected]

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